We do not use genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.


Carob makes an excellent reward for dogs. It contains no theobromine, oxallic acid, caffeine and other chemicals found in chocolate, however it is sweet and delicious making it a safe and ideal reward for your pet.

Lewis Confectionery offers one of the largest range of sweetened, unsweetened and flavoured varieties of carob, yoghurt and chocolate buds and buttons as well as a custom recipe service.
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Carob, Yoghurt and Chocolate

Lewis buttons (sometimes called Buds) are a convenient size to eat or to melt and cover your choice of centres or to fill moulds to make various shapes. They are available in 1 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 10kg, 25 kg packs as well as in pallet lots too!! Contact us for prices. We have listed below the ingredients for our different varieties. For additional details and nutritional information go to the Download page.

How do we use buttons ?

At Lewis Confectionery we coat (enrobe) a variety of centres e.g. glace ginger, banana, centres made from fruit juices like fudge and marshmallow, and a truf like mixture, as well as traditional honeycomb, dried fruit and much more with no added sugar carob. We also specialise in frogs made from no added sugar carob, sweetened vanilla yoghurt and sweetened strawberry yoghurt.




Buttons & Buds
Buttons & Buds

Our position on Palm Kernel Oil

Since June 2012, when it first became available, our entire production is now being made with third party certified segregated sustainable palm kernel oil. We only buy product which is certified and we have viewed the certificates.

While we know there is a common concept out in the market place that all palm kernel oil should be avoided to protect the orangutans in Indonesian rain forests, we have been instrumental over the past 30 years in applying pressure on the importers and suppliers of product to the Australian market insisting that sustainable practices be implemented.

We have had representatives from a number of manufacturers from both Malaysia and Indonesia visit us to ask for our business and this has been a forum for us to pass on the concerns we all have had and that there is an expectation that changes should be made to achieve sustainable production. Further we also insist on certification by third parties for both production and transport practices and we only buy from sources that prove this.
Buttons & Buds
Buttons & Buds
Buttons & Buds