YOGHURT buttons are a premium, great tasting product available in buttons, buds or as melts which can be consumed as they are or melt them and shape into moulds. Buttons can be bought in a range of pack sizes depending on your needs. We also pan and enrobe a range of centres with our delicious yoghurt in a sweetened style as well as unsweetened. The unsweetened variety (NAS) is made without added cane sugar nor artificial sweeteners.

Our range includes yoghurt peanuts, yoghurt sultanas, yoghurt almonds, yoghurt fruitballs, a range of yoghurt clusters plus 7 varieties of 110g NAS Yoghurt blocks and our popular plain and flavoured yoghurt frogs. They are also ideal and safe as pet treats. Bulk or wholesale enquiries are welcome plus retail sales are available from our online shop.

  • Yoghurt enquiries welcome.

  • NAS = No Added Cane Sugar,i.e. unsweetened.

    We enrobe dried Apriocts, Ginger, Banana and Rice Cakes.
    We pan whole dry roasted Almonds, Peanuts,
    Fruit centres (fruitballs) and Sultanas .
    Some of these are available in both sweet and NAS and some in either sweet or NAS only. Please enquire.
    Yoghurt sultanas, peanuts, apricots and fruit slice .....click on picture for larger image.

    NAS Yoghurt 110 gm blocks.

    Plain, Apricot, Apricot and Almond, Puffed Rice, Fruit & Nut or Tropical.

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    Sweetened and NAS Yoghurt, flavoured with either vanilla, apricot or strawberry are available in either button form suitable for eating or melting.

    Check out our strawberry and vanilla flavoured frogs in 130 gm packs. These are also available in bulk packs too.
    Vanilla and Strawberry frogs with vanilla, apricot and banana buttons.