Lewis Carob

What is Carob?

The carob we use at Lewis Confectionery is specially selected for flavour and colour and comes from Spain. Global supplies comes from the Mediterranean region where the weather conditions are optimum for growth.

Carob powder has a number of advantages over Cocoa powder and as such is often used to make what has come to be known as 'healthy chocolate'. But while Carob is similar in colour to chocolate, it has its own distinctive flavour which does not resemble chocolate.

Carob powder is free of the allergenic and addictive effects of caffeine, free of oxalic acid, theobromine, thenylthylamine and tyramine which is common in chocolate. Carob contains less fat and is naturally sweeter than cocoa.

The pods are collected when brown, broken open and the hard seeds removed. The empty pods are washed and dry roasted and finally milled to a very fine powder, which is naturally sweet. This powder can be used in the same way as cocoa.

Its modern history can be traced back 4000 years to ancient Greece and Egypt where the plant was used as a source of food.

The Carob Tree is known by many names, including Locust, Black Gold and Saint John’s Bread, the latter because legend has it that Saint John survived in the desert by eating carob pods.

Carob seeds are remarkably uniform in size and weight and are thought to have been the original standard carat weight used by jewellers and goldsmiths.

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