Lewis GLUTEN Free Products


Listed below are our products, as seen elsewhere on our web site, which are presumed gluten free by virtue of the ingredients used. Please note that we have not had any of these tested for gluten. Our claim is based purely on the presumed gluten free nature of the ingredients used.

Recently the health authorities tested our Nas Carob Ginger Blocks to test our claim and have reported this to be truly gluten free. If in doubt we suggest you do not use our products.

We can provide full product information by calling us on 08 8342 2303 or email or see our download page.

Blocks Buttons & Frogs (unwrapped)

Unsweetened Carob 110gm x 8
plain, almond, sultana, fruit & nut, tropical, fruit salad, coconut, ginger, hazelnut, strawberry coconut
Unsweetened Soy Carob 110gm
almond, rice crunch, coconut, fruit & nut, ginger, sultana

Unsweetened Carob
Unsweetened Soy Carob
Unsweetened Yoghurt
Unsweetened Chocolate
Fructose Soy Chocolate
Sweetened Yoghurt
Sweetened Strawberry Yoghurt
Sweetened Carob
Dark Chocolate Premium Compound
Milk Chocolate Premium Compound
Milky White Premium Compound

Unsweetened Yoghurt
plain, tropical, puffed rice, fruit & nut
Unsweetened Chocolate
plain, almond, fruit & nut, peppermint.
Fructose Soy Chocolate
plain, fruit & nut
Coated Pieces

NAS Carob Ginger
NAS Carob Honeycombe
NAS Carob Fudge
NAS Carob Rice Cakes
NAS Carob Fruit & nut Clusters
NAS Carob Coconut Roughs
NAS Yoghurt Fruit & Nut Cluster
NAS Yoghurt Fruit Salad Cluster
NAS Yoghurt Rice Cake

Fruit Juice Based
NAS Spuds
NAS Apricot Spuds
NAS Soya Spuds
NAS Fruity Delights
Juice Rocky Road Bars
NAS Carob Apricot

NAS Carob Almond
NAS Carob Peanuts
NAS Carob Sultanas
NAS Soy Carob Sultanas
NAS Yoghurt Almonds
NAS Yoghurt Peanuts
NAS Yoghurt Sultanas
NAS Yoghurt Munch Crunch (rice puffs)
Yoghurt Almonds
Yoghurt Peanuts
Yoghurt Sultanas
Yoghurt Munch Crunch (rice puffs)
Yoghurt Fruit & Nut Cluster

  Yoghurt Almonds
Yoghurt Peanuts
Yoghurt Sultanas
Yoghurt Crunch (rice puffs)
Yoghurt Fruit & Nut
Yoghurt Tropical
NAS Yoghurt Fruit & Nut
NAS Yoghurt Tropical