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We make:

Soy Carob
Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
White Chocolate
Unsweetened Chocolate

NAS - No added sugar
Gluten Free
Caffeine Free
Aniseed Rings
Turkish Delight
Coconut Roughs
Apricot Slice
Cherry Bites
Kokettes (the original)
Rocky Road
Nas Carob Licorice
Easter Eggs
Easter Bilbies
Yoghurt coat -Peanuts,
-Fruit Balls,

Carob coat -Peanuts,
-Fruit Balls,

and there's more !!
plus a range of delicious
confections made with and sweetened by concentrated pear juice.
Try our caramels, fudge, marshmallow, coconut and carob snowballs, rocky road and spuds

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Lewis Confectionery, is one of Australia's major manufacturers of Carob, Yoghurt, Chocolate and Confectionery for the Health Food Market ......... all under one roof.

Lewis Confectionery's name has been synonymous with carob and yoghurt for over 30 years and has been manufacturing confectionery for three generations here in Adelaide, South Australia.
We offer a full range of confectionery derived from sweetened or unsweetened (NAS - No Added Sugar) carob or yoghurt and also offer custom manufacturing of carob or yoghurt based ingredients and raw materials to other manufacturers. In addition we make a range of confectionery from sweetened or unsweetened compound chocolate.

Look for our brand name Lewis Wholesome Foods at your favourite health food store. Alternatively email us to find which store closest to you stocks our products.

nas carob, nas yoghurt and nas soy carob blocksnas carob ginger piecesnas carob aniseed ringscarob & chocolate frogsrogsnas carob sultanas


  • Announcing:
    Easter products now available for 2015:

    Our range of Easter products, which inlcudes eggs, bilbies and marshmallow rabbits freshly made for 2015 can now be ordered online and will soon be in selected Health Food Stores. If you live in Melbourne you can call Health Magic 03 9580 7557 and they can give you the location of a store near to you. Similarly Green Clover in Sydney 02 9700 9968 and in South Australia contact Priority Health 08 8245 8888.

    Click here to look over our EASTER range or use our horizontal menu above and enter the shop via ShopONLINE.

  • Carob Powder - Now available:
    Great news if you are wanting to source pure carob powder.
    We are now making available pure carob powder. If you're looking for an alternative to cocoa for cooking, baking or as a drink then purchase one of our 750g packs.
    Vegan friendly, milk free, GMO free, Gluten free, low GI and free of the chemicals found in cocoa. Our powder is lightly roasted which reduces its natural sugar content and also releases true carob flavour. Available in resealable 750g packs. These will soon be available for purchase through our online shop. For enquiries or to place a pre-order before release, please contact us by email, admin@lewisconfectionery.com.au or phone 08 8341 2303.
  • Palm Kernel oil - Trans Fatty Acids:

    Occasionally we get asked about the trans fatty acid content of our palm kernel oil. There is none. There are no detectable trans fatty acids in the palm kernel oil we use.

  • Third Party Certified Segregated Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil - Sustainability:
    Since June 2012, when it first became available, our entire production is being made with third party certified segregated sustainable palm kernel oil. This is the highest level of certification of sustainable product that is currently available in Australia. We only buy product which is certified and we have viewed the certificates.

    While we know there is a common concept out in the market place that all palm kernel oil should be avoided to protect the Orangutans in Indonesian rain forests, we have been instrumental over the past 30 years in applying pressure on the importers and suppliers insisting that sustainable practices should be implemented. We believe the fact certified sustainably grown and processed product is now available is the direct result of such feedback having been exerted on the producers.
It is important that we maintain this dialogue so the practices of the producers will continue to change and the benefits we all seek will come to fruition. To totally ban palm kernel oil use so we exclude ourselves from the market will mean our collective voices will be lost and we will no longer have any input to promote sustainable practices.

We sometimes have representatives from a number of Malaysian and Indonesian manufacturers visit us to ask for our business and this has been a forum for us to pass on the concerns we all have and that there is an expectation that changes should be made to achieve sustainable production. Further we also insist on certification by third parties for both production and transport practices and we only buy from sources that prove this.

    What else do we make ......

  • Looking for gluten free products? You will find suitable products listed here.
  • We also offer a unique range of confectionery made from
  • concentrated fruit juices. These, no added sugar style of products, are naturally sweetened by pear juice used in their manufacture.

  • A number of products are also made with minced dried fruit. The popular fruitballs is a favourite with children and is bought by a number of schools. We make both the traditional sweetened variety plus a variety without added sugar where we use pear fruit juice as an ingredient and make use of its sweet characteristics.
  • We also manufacture, through our sister company, SA Chocolate Makers:

  • Carob, Yoghurt, Soya Carob, Chocolate (milk & dark), Soya Chocolate, Fructose sweetened Soya Chocolate, Milky White, Soya White.
    See our BUTTONS section.
    These are available as both sweetened and unsweetened buttons suitable for melting, for enrobing or just plain eating.

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